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The Best Beard Brand In The Game

Attention all bearded men, Australia's finest beard company is now on Above The Collar. The Bearded Chap, if you don't know them, then read on because you're going to want to know them. 

In 2013 Brisbane Australia, The Bearded Chap was born, and they've been crushing the beard market ever since. With more than 15 different types of men's hair and beard products the company aims to give their customers the fuel to be "their best bearded-selfs"


Your skin, especially on your face is sensitive, so the benefits are simple, you're giving your beard the best quality products made out of the best quality ingredients. Something it deserves. No watered down chemical bullshit, none of that, these products are all 100% made from natural ingredients. 

A Guide to:

  • Beard Balm: Made with the 11 base and essential oils as well as the finest beeswax and butter in this world, The Bearded Chaps beard balm conditions, protects and styles one beard, in what they believe to be the best beard balm on the market. 
  • Original Beard Wash: Coming in three scents (Brawny, Rugged and Staunch) the brands original beard wash is like no other. With over a year of extensive testing, this beard wash promises to revitalize and clean that filthy beard of yours. 

The Wrap 

With The Bearded Chap, it's more than just a beard oil or a beard wash. It's a product derived from passion, a brand that knows the importance of quality in an oversaturated market and a company that cares about the maintenance of your beard. No good beard goes uncatered for, Shop The Bearded Chap Range Here.